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101 Sphincter Tensions Megajoel Rustle
Bearz and Foxxx Pack Naked Twiets Chevy Society of Friends
Destroyer Night Plower Suburban Youth
Dos II Punched By Love Treasure Town
Duck Rotch Woods' Bandits
Fiddle Lessons

101 Sphincter Tensions
The Sphincter Tensions were formed one night when Joel had a couple of folks in the room and was showing off his spinning technique. Matt chimed in during a conversation about Can, and then answered Joel's vinyl attack with a blast of freak noise from his stereo. The two continued to go back and forth, and soon enough the other kids were playing with records too and the room was filled with sound. From then on, Matt and Joel have been spinning together as the 101 Sphincter Tensions, a name derived from an evening of gastro-intestinal disaster.
Joel Devalcourt -turntables
Matt Krefting -turntables
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Bearz and Foxxx Pack
Bearz 'n' Foxxxx Pack?
Bearz and Foxxxx Pack?
Bearz and Foxxxx Pak?
Beerz and Fauxxxx Pack?

What is going on here?
Willie Lane -any and every
John Shaw -ditto
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Destroyer is here to put you back where you belong. Bleeding, ringing, hellish tones and blabber. Truly a band for this century, they take the concept of "nothing" very seriously. Hop on board, folks, it's time to get physical.
Elisa Ambrogio -gtr, destructive attitude
Matt Krefting -radio, gtr, tapes
Pete Nolan -gtr, tapes, percussion
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Dos II
Dos II, as a name, is shamefully and obviously stolen from the Watt/Kira project(known as Dos). This being said, the name just fits. Two men. Two beards. Two basses. Two dreams. Two words in the name. Two pairs of shoes and/or boots... We could be here for a month and fifteen days, so I won't continue. The band will, however, and strive to bring out the lowest, deepest, darkest, biggest sound they can. God bless America.
Aaron Rosenblum - bass guitar
John Shaw - bass guitar
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Matt Krefting -gtr, keyboard, vox
Jessi Swenson -gtr, keyboard, vox
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Fiddle Lessons
Fiddle Lessons come in all shapes and sizes. Their dream: a sea of operas. Not just any kind of opera-not any aria infused nightmare-instead beautifully engaging stories told with emotion and rock. Taking the baton from the Who(Tommy and Quadrophenia), these boys have busted to front in the race to glory. running strong, running hard.
Matt Krefting -gtr, drms, sax, recorder, vox
Willie Lane -gtr, drms, recorder, vox
John Shaw -gtr, drms, canjo, vox
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Megajoel hits like a 10,000,000 watt light bulb on a flaming child's nightmare. Megan's a bassist to be reckoned with, and very much makes up for Joel's lack of drumming ability. Think Bob Dylan with a huge napkin.
Megan Briggs -bass, vox
Joel Devalcourt -drms, vox
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Naked Twiets Chevy
Naked Twister meets Chinook envy uptown in a brassy world of dub.
Joel Devalcourt -turntables
Aaron Rosenblum -electronics
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Night Plower
Born in the darkness, upon the open road, Night Plower stands to acknowledge the time lost. To get out there, in the thick of the motion. This rocket's headed straight for the heart.
Willie Lane - gtr, resonator pipes
Meara O'Reilly - bass, violin
Aaron Rosenblum - gtr, vox
John Shaw - drms, gtr, vox
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Punched By Love
Matt Krefting -gtr, vox
Willie Lane -drms, vox
Aaron Rosenblum -gtr, vox
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Rotch is the brain-child of Willie Lane, one of the most clear-minded individuals to grace the earth in many years. A thump of psychadelic noise freak, a mountain of madness, and a home for all children.
Willie Lane -leader, gtr, etc.
Chris Cooper -contact mic
Aaron Rosenblum -organ, drms
Matt Krefting -organ, drms
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Anna Klein - resonator pipes, drms
Gwyneth Merner - theremin, resonator pipes, drms, vox
Meara O'Reilly - gtr, bass, vox
Aaron Rosenblum - gtr, vox
John Shaw - drms, gtr, bass, vox
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Society of Friends
trapped! oggah stompin'. clock-watch and happy whistle. given over to a different kind of dream boat. bock. bock. no good. no good. sorry for the intrusion, just standard turkey. great turkey. so what?
Matt Fight -gtr, vox
Nicky Win -gtr, vox
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Suburban Youth
Isabella Battoni -bass, vox
Guido Onorati -gtr, vox
Victor Parisi -drms, vox
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Treasure Town
This is a reminder that everyone is living here, and everyone has hopes, and they all like to be on top- to get the candy. Well, mister, let's hear about how you don't like to hike up and down the stairs at the discount store... When's the balloon comin' in? We want to be free! And we want to be free! And we don't hoot'n'holler over guts and oil, or waste-fury. No, this is the one place to hide, but it may be too full...
Joel Devalcourt -drms, trumpet, vox
John Shaw -gtr, canjo, vox
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Woods' Bandits
Willie Lane -gtr, stringed bits
Aaron Rosenblum -gtr, stringed bits
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