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The Believers
Title: Brontoursaurus
Catalog#: AP018
Format: cdr
Price: out of print

(check with Time-Lag or Eclipse though, as both had it available last I checked)

1.Riverbottom Nightmare Band
3.Tectonic Drift (1:55; 1.8MB)
4.Law Man
5.Do You Feel Like Learning
6.Super Continent (8:12; 9.4MB)
"...The Believers like their rock raw, simple and stoopid- and so do I! Camping out around overloaded guitar riffs, distorted vocals, and pounding drums, these Sleestaks-in-satin provide the perfect soundtrack to a summer headcold..." - Chris Miller, review in Thaumaturgy blog

Packaged in handmade, elongated cardstock envelopes; with hand-stamped cover and informative insert.

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