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Apostasy Bio
Willie Lane
aka Wilbur Force
aka Dubya Lane
aka Will-dog

The Force is on course and you better watch out. Actually possessing the ability to scale brick walls, Willie finds no obsticle too big/tall/wide/hard. With his "great sense of irony" as his sword, he slashes apart the confines of traditional society and is hailing a new age. The now Prince of Maine has conquered that great state and is beginning his move westward (across the seas of time...). His love of all things furry is not a hinderance, but an aid in his fight for the light. Long live Sun Ra, et. al., but more importantly, long live Willie Lane.

Check out Willie's solo events:
Past Solo + Misc. Events

Captain America
The Bands of Willie:
Bearz and Foxxx Pack Night Plower Rotch
Itchy Pits (honorary member) Punched By Love Woods' Bandits
Fiddle Lessons    

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