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Releases on Apostasy:
Feel the Crayon CDR
Arbitrary Signs
/Apostasy (AP019)

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I Trust My Guitar, etc. LP
Ecstatic Peace (E#100e)
/Apostasy (AP016)

Tour pics:
-Jan 2005: TOURannosaurus w/ The Believers
-Aug 2004: w/ Sonic Youth, White Magic, Double Leopards

-"No-Wave's Newest Wave" The Village Voice
-Magik Markers feature in Dusted Magazine
-NYFA's "Mutations and Mutilations"

"Magic Markers started in New England, took over the joint with a double guitar attack (one detuned into a bass, the other attacked with a style like a garage rock Teenage Jesus), and then split town leaving a trail of broken hearts and faces in their wake." - Chris Corsano, Yod.com

"Super primitive super groovy free rock from Louisville, Kentucky, by the trio of Leah 'Queequeg' Quimby (bass), Elisa Ambrogio (guitar and vocals), and Pete Nolan (skins). Sounds not like 'improv' (tho it's certainly improvised) but like 'rock' that makes me also think the Southern locale has brought in, conscious or not, the blues theyself that so many folks do not hear any more (except wrongly)." - Eddie Flowers, Slippy Town
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Elisa "Destruction" Ambrogio Peter "Zone" Nolan Leah "Thunder" Quimby
Elisa Ambrogio
Peter Nolan
Leah Quimby
guitar, vocals
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