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Artist: Bromp Treb
Title: Twins
Catalog#: AP028
Format: 7"
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1. Twins
2. Birdie Flies
Dementedly abstract drumming highlights this release from Turners Falls' "hostess with the most-ess", Bromp Treb. Bleep-bloop, plink-plonk, yada-yada. Dimension is sent packing, as tiny scrapes thunder across the stereo spectrum, and cymbal crashes recede to the horizon. And here we are, locked inside the middle... as this vortex of percussive clatter swirls and gusts, this way, then that. One must plant two feet on the ground to not lose one's bearings in the chaos.

Full color sleeve art by George W. Myers.

A second installment in a series of split releases with Breaking World Records. Yeay! Cassettes also got on board this train.

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