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Artist: The Cherry Blossoms
Title: self-titled
Catalog#: AP022
Format: LP
not available
Mind-bending LP from Nashville's number one clatter-folk band. Listening to this record is like listening into the slipstream of general music conciousness. Sure, it was recorded a number of years ago, but the music still has a vitality that is completely unique in today's sonic landscape. This is truly timeless music that resides on the edge of collapse without actually snapping the tether, like some of the best historic rollercoasters now in disrepair. Nothing too flashy about this rickety ride, just some good, honest, fun. Beautiful cover art by Peggy Snow.

Apostasy was proud to play a part in a team of labels that got together to release this record. The others include: Black Velvet Fuckere, Breaking World Records, Consaguineous Records, Hank the Herald Angel Recordings, and Yeay! Cassettes.

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