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Artist: Dredd Foole
Title: Songs To Despond Ya
Catalog#: AP029
Format: LP

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1. anymore
2. everybody gotta go
3. you feel
4. symphony
5. benjamin said
6. overcome
7. (i saw) the signs
The Dredd Foole catalog is wide (and deep) and yet this new release manages to carve another distinct tributary into the swamped landscape. As the title implies, Songs To Despond Ya falls on the songwriting end of the Foole Spectrum, and he takes full advantage of the opportunity to flesh out his bardic impulse. The results are raw and immediate, devoid of electronic effects, and all the more timeless for it. Of course, whether he's offering up ballads or free-hootin' and -hollerin', Dredd Foole always tugs at the heart and mind of anyone receptive enough to leave those doors open just a crack.

Superb artwork by mjk/hexit.

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