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Artist: Tarp
Title: Drugged by the Heat
Catalog#: AP026
Format: cdr
not available

1. One For Dooley
2. Ecstatic Reality Tunnel
3. Kreftings Heldon
4. In Your Ear BC
5. Mystry of P Roy
Synth-duo Tarp is made up of Joshua Burkett (Vermonster, Believers, plus beautiful solo work) and Conrad Capistran (Sunburned Hand of the Man, Sephiroths Knot). This release is a fantastic document of live Tarp outings in the fertile 2006 year. It felt as though Tarp delivered up something new every week, and you'll find here a varied selection of the most aurally pleasing outcomes.

Packaged in a sewn tarp pouch!

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