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Son of Earth
Catalog#: AP024
Format: LP
Price: $13
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1. pre-earth pt.2
2. an elegant use of foliage and grace
3. a little piece of white cloth and oil
4. first breath

Son of Earth began life in early 2000 as Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio. Aaron Rosenblum, Matt Krefting, and John Shaw, inspired by many spirited late-night experimenting sessions, began to play out using wild arrays of sound-making devices. As the years have gone on, the group has chisled away at the number of instruments used and brought their once maximalist and varied sound creation down to a whisper, a murmer, a sound that hints at and flirts with texture and atmosphere; a music made from almost nothing. Seven full years into their life-span, Son of Earth offer their first full-length LP, Pet. The record represents a culmination of sorts of a certain arc in the Son of Earth sound, one where simple electronics and oddly-played instruments are combined to create a music that walks a tight-rope between easily definable atmospheres and emotions. The results are so delicate that at times the music seems to cease to exist at all.

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Son of Earth:
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