Artist: Son of Earth-Flesh on Bone Trio/Bell Five Horizon Hour
Title: s/t
Catalog#: AP005/APCS5
Format: cassette (60m)
Price: out of print
An interesting project, to be sure. Initially concieved in an edition of 8 or so, and packaged initially w/ a mixture of Russian art and photocopied pictures of He Who Stands Firm, we just kept making copies of this tape. The later covers consisted of heavy brown paper, and each with unique artwork. The Bell Five side is something we just found and don't remember recording, and the Son of Earth side is taken from our "Christmas in September 20, 2000" show from September 20, 2000. You'll notice that the presence of John Shaw bumps the quality way up on the Son of Earth side. A crucial, early document in the development of the now-refined Son of Earth sound.

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